Welcome to Choir School of East Texas

Welcome to Choir School of East Texas
May 29, 2015 mm9488

Our Program

Choir School of East Texas - Our ProgramChoir School of East Texas is a 501 (c) (3) after-school program that trains boys and girls to sing professionally with adult singers. The program incorporates the style of training that began nearly one thousand years ago and continues today in the great cathedrals in England. Choristers perform a wide range of choral music that spans five centuries and includes text in English, Latin, French, and German. Private piano instruction, music theory, and classical singing instruction are a few of the many benefits offered to choristers.

The Choir School of East Texas takes pride in the development of a diverse student body and is open to children and youth of all faith traditions and backgrounds.

Every student who is accepted into the program receives a full merit scholarship valued at $3000 per year.

Choir School of East Texas has been a member of Royal School of Church Music in America since 2007. For more information about this organization visit their website www.rscmamerica.org

Mission & Vision

Choir School of East Texas - Our Program


To use music as a positive intervention in the lives of youth through out-of-school arts learning, including vocal training, private piano lessons, and leadership development in children and youth ages 8 – 18.


To create a Choir School of East Texas that is:

  • Informed by the English model of non-residential choir schools
  • Tailored to suit the needs of underprivileged children living in north Tyler and beyond
  • Inclusive of all children that show an interest in the program and commitment to the Choir Schedule
  • A source of pride for our community
  • A valuable asset to parents in the education of their children.